Otto Acron
• In June 21 1997 Otto took on two Cessna 300hp planes to better his previous record. In front of an apprehensive Hervey Bay crowd, Otto, 61, held two Air Fraser Island Cessna 300 hp planes for more than 15 seconds, blitzing his previous Guinness Book of Records performance of two 178 hp planes for 10 seconds. Otto had to hold the planes for only five seconds while they revved at 1800 rpm but because he is an over-achiever, Otto’s new record is 2100rpm for 15 seconds.

• Otto Acron Strongman carrying a 1000lb (450kg) horse up a 14ft ladder. This stunt he performed over 2,000 times in his circus career

• Otto Acron breaking a chain – the chain was tested at 1,000 lb breaking strain